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About this site

Welcome curious onlookers.

‘doc’ here.

Very little in my real life is all about me anymore (waily, waily waily!).

But this site is my desert island; my own private Idaho; a kiosk on which I post the things that,  I & I alone,  wish to show the world no matter whether it be Art, Science, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Recipe or just my %$#@! opinion.

I hope you will not take offense that comments are disabled.

I’m sure your  comments are incisive and valuable, and I sincerely regret their absence. It’s those guys’ comments that pose the problem. You know the guys I mean… I’ve seen an awful lot of the internet and I’ll bet you have too. You probably noticed that, taken as a whole,  the wheat-to-chaff ratio among blog  comments would not yield enough actual wheat to make half a communion wafer. I simply do not have the time to do the sifting.  It’s such an old saw, but still so true, that it only takes a couple of  dumbasses to ruin it for everybody!

If you are very committed to contacting me, You may use my gmail address on the contact page.

But even in the absence of discourse, I hope you might find something here that amuses you.

(If this brief intro leaves your biographical questions unanswered, and you are a real glutton for prosaic punishment, I have posted a very idiosyncratic bio here.)


Even though the raison d’etre of this site is my own conceit, Like all good Cancerians (ie Ringo) I get by with a little help from my friends; actually, a LOT of help.  Most of the material here is original to me, but some (especially the visual material) is the fine work of other folks. If the material is in a gallery-page* I have done my level-best to research its provenance and credit it accurately in the description . But if you see a photo or video you took in one of my galleries that is unattributed or inaccurately attributed, please contact me with the correct attribution and I will update it forthwith.


with warm regards,

dr. alphonse caspar mabuse
*embedded photos are not credited in-place. The blog theme makes that too difficult. I put those credits on the general credit page


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