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Iugulum Pistricis

2012 November 29
by honcho

Copy of 502

The Iugulum Pistricis is a parallel array of 4 resonator circuits the frequencies of which are controlled by a selection of onboard CV generators including 4 VC-LFO’s a shift-register-based random step-generator and a 2-axis Joystick. The Joystick can also be used to select among the 4 resonators via a 4-way VC-crossfader.

The resonator cores are based on the famous resonators used by Korg in the 1970’s on its PS-3100 synth.

The sonic character of this core circuit is very distinctive, and to my ear it has an ‘underwater’ quality. This inspired the name which, because I have a wide streak of the pedantic linguistic fuckhead in me, I will leave to the imaginations or investigations of the curious.

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