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Envelooper proposal #2

2012 November 29
by honcho

Looper 2&3

‘Proposal 2’

Ok, obviously I like whimsical names (whimsical is a diplomatic synonym for ‘goofy-ass, not-very-functional’) The design brainstorm with Grant Richter about alternate concepts for envelope generation exhausted my imagination , which is why this module got little more than a number for a moniker.

This device uses a conventional ADSR but combines-in a patterned (or un-pattered) ‘wiggly bit’ during the sustain and release phases. I won’t discuss the ADSR component because that is very commonplace.  But the device that makes the wiggly bit during the ‘S’ & ‘R’ of the ADSR is one of my old standby shift register-based ‘Goldberg’ functions.

The gimmick with this device is that a pattern of pulses is created by a VC clock controlled by the attack and decay phases of the envelope. This pattern is fed into the data input of the shift register and then the input is ‘locked’ into a cycle mode and the resultant looping pattern is summed with the sustain and release phases of the envelope.

I also implemented a ‘wild’ mode in which the shift register is never locked into a circular register and the varying clock patterns are simply summed with the ADSR out put .


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