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Mrs. Sputterworks

2012 November 29
by honcho

Mrs SputterWorks

Mrs. Sputterworks is a very idiosyncratic design. It’s one of those designs that I’m fairly convinced that only I would find useful (much less worth the effort of building).

The basic functional concept is to put in a single trigger pulse and output a pattern of pulses, ‘in response’. The pattern does not repeat but the user can set parameters for overall duration, overall density, rate of change in density and ‘type of change’ (ie start dense and sputter out, or start sparse and get dense, like popcorn!). I do not want the pulses to conform to a common rhythmic grid.

The design uses ramp generators to lift a band of variable density noise toward, and then below,  the threshold of a very narrow window comparator.

During the ‘construction’ phase, my faithful old benchside 2600 was not available so I rigged-up a little hi-Q resonant “knocker” circuit to give me audio feed back of the pattern of output pulses as I experimented. (this circuit is based on some experimental ideas published by the venerable Bernie Hutchins in Electronotes #111). With the addition of a degree of voltage controlled pitch, this subcircuit insinuated itself into the finished module.


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