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Melodee Maker

2012 November 29
by honcho


The Melodee Maker design is another example of a CV module that encapsulates a patch that I use routinely.

It starts with a sample and hold in which both pitch and time intervals can be independently randomized. Sine wave tremolo is added is summed in; again, with variably randomized frequency and amplitude. In the final stage a low audio frequency signal (again, with variably randomized frequency and amplitude) is summed-in to the final signal.

The whole shebang is optimized for pitch control (but other applications are available, of course) and it earns it’s rack space well with odd meandering melody lines with a nice quasi-vocal quality.

The Melodee Maker also served as a chance to get some practice using the LM137000 OTA’s . The design also requires gobs of independent random CV sources. I developed a very compact block that yields 4 completely independent sample/hold CV’s from a single common noise source.

It is based on the deliciously elegant ‘psycho LFO’ by Ken Stone. If you’ve never visited Mr. Stone’s Catgirl synth site, do yourself a favor and take a look. Ken is one of Australia’s national treasures. His contribution to the renaissance of analog modular synthesis is immense , and only eclipsed by his generosity.


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